Week Three Preview Detroit Lions Versus Green Bay Packers

The Detroit Lions face off against the Green Bay Packers this week in a game that could decide the direction of the NFC North this year.  While all four teams are 1-1 right now, A game against a division rival this early in the season usually sets the tone for division play.  An early division loss usually deflates a team.  For the past two weeks, we have correctly predicted the winner of the game (although score wise we were way off).  We hope to keep the streak alive in week three.  Here is how the game breaks down.



  • Detroit Lions Offensive Line vs. Green Bay Packers Defensive Line – The Detroit Lions should have an edge here as the Packers defensive line is not very strong.  The problem is that there is a rotating door at right tackle with LaAdrian Waddle expected to miss Sunday.  Still, I think the Lions line wins out in pass protection.  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Tight Ends vs. Green Bay Packers Linebackers –  The Packers have a fantastic linebacking corps.  Clay Matthews and AJ Hawk will be tough to break away from for the Lions tight ends.  I expect a couple of catches but nothing that will decide the football game.  Edge Packers
  • Detroit Lions Wide Receivers vs. Green Bay Packers Secondary – Without Calvin Johnson, the Packers win out here.  With Calvin Johnson, there is no way they can contain him and Golden Tate.   Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Running Backs vs. Green Bay Packers Run Defense – Detroit’s run offense has been terrible this season.  Regardless of how the Packers stop the run, Detroit loses here.   Edge Packers
  • Detroit Lions Quarterbacks vs. Green Bay Packers Pass Defense – I don’t think the Packers pass defense is very good.  It should be given the talent they have at corner, but it just isn’t there. They look solid statistically giving up less yards per game than the Lions currently are.  The problem is, they lost big to Seattle so the run game was primarily featured and the Jets were leading most of the game against them making the pass not critical to their success either.  As long as Stafford plays like he did against the Giants this is Detroit’s to lose.   Edge Lions



  • Detroit Lions Defensive Line vs. Green Bay Packers Offensive Line – Nothing needs to be said here.  They dominated Green Bay’s offensive line last year, and this year they’ve played fantastic stuffing the run and rushing the passer.   Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Linebackers vs. Green Bay Packers Tight Ends –  Who plays tight end for the Packers?  Andrew Quarless?  Who is that again?  All joking aside, the Packers offense throws to their receivers and runs the ball.   Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Secondary vs. Green Bay Packers Wide ReceiversJames Ihedigbo is looking to be out another week.  The Lions were expecting Cassius Vaughn to play nickel, but he’s missed practice all week.  Expect newcomer Danny Gorrer to start at corner (unless Don Carey finally suits up).  Against Jordy Nelson, Randell Cobb and Davante Adams…ouch.  Edge Packers
  • Detroit Lions Run Defense vs. Green Bay Packers Running Backs – Eddie Lacy is a good running back.  So was Jonathan Stewart and he was contained all game.  Carolina runs well but not against Detroit.   Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Pass Defense vs. Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks – Aaron Rodgers versus a depleted Lions secondary which was a weakness before the injuries started to mount.   Edge Packers



  • Detroit Lions Return Team vs. Green Bay Packers Cover Team –  Jeremy Ross fumbled last week.  He also has motivation against the Packers as they cut him last year.  While I am not ready to say he will dominate, he will rebound with a few good runs netting the Lions good field position.  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Cover Team vs. Green Bay Packers Return Team – This is all on Sam Martin.  Randall Cobb is a good returner.  If Martin puts it in the end zone on each kickoff and limits punt returns with high arcing punts, Lions would win here.  With Caldwell focusing on this all week, there is no way he gets a good return.  Edge Lions



Lions 8 Packers 4

The numbers say that if the Lions play the way they played against the Giants, this game is a big win for Detroit.  Experience says that this is the Detroit Lions and they never do what they are supposed to.  While I am expecting a Detroit loss, I am predicting a win at home to stay true to the numbers.

Detroit 24 Green Bay 14

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