Undrafted Free Agent Tackle Cornelius Lucas

Kansas St T Cornelius Lucas

Kansas St T Cornelius Lucas

Already a little thin at tackle having lost Jason Fox to free agency, the Detroit Lions were expected to add someone to compete with and back up LaAdrian Waddle at the right tackle spot.  When the Lions did not take a tackle in the draft, it was no surprise to see them sign one in undrafted free agency.  After all, they did that last year with Waddle and look at the result.  He is now a full time starter at right tackle.  This year, the Detroit Lions brought in Cornelius Lucas from Kansas State.  Even though he is expected to compete for a backup spot, do not be surprised if he outplays Waddle for the starting spot.  Remember, last year Waddle was just competing for a backup role as well.

Lucas is a massive tackle.  He measures in at around six foot eight or six foot nine and weighs 316 pounds.  While he is a little thin for his height, it adds to his athleticism.  He has good balance, works his positioning well and is quick to react.  He is a very aggressive tackle which should make him a solid run blocker.  The knocks on him are that he needs to get better leverage, which is consistent with most players his size.    Lucas also needs to do a better job with his hands.  While we do not have official numbers for his bench press, I suspect he will need to get a little stronger as well.  Given his light weight for his height, i can imagine he can stand to add some muscle and strength for the professional game.

Cornelius Lucas is very intriguing due to his size and the relatively light criticisms of his play.  He was projected to be a fifth or sixth round pick but ended up falling out of the draft altogether.  Detroit must have had eyes on him during the draft as they used up a heavy amount of their free agent signing bonus allotment on him.  They likely suspect he will make the team, and even more so, they likely think highly enough of his potential to possibly start.

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