The Detroit Lions Corner Position Going Forward

With the release of Chris Houston and the likelihood that they pass on Brandon Flowers, we will take a look at the Detroit Lions corner position going forward.  Shortly after they announced Houston’s release, Detroit Free Press writer Dave Birkett started fielding questions on twitter relating to the news.  One fan asked if we need to sign a corner.  He likely asked that due to the reports about Brandon Flowers being released by Kansas City.  Birkett responded as shown below.Darius-Slay


According to Birkett, at the current time, we are looking at 4 corners being virtual locks for their roster spots.  Now obviously a lot of things come into play here.  An injury could juggle this a bit and of course we could always see a player hit the market that Martin Mayhew feels would be a game changer for our secondary.  At this current point though, it is expected that Mathis, Slay, Bentley, and Lawson will make the team.  He does say though that one spot is up for grabs.  That led me to wonder, with Slay, Bentley, and Lawson being very inexperienced, would the Detroit Lions really only keep 5 at corner?


Birkett agrees that it is possible given their inexperience that the Detroit Lions keep 6 corners.  So lets break it down here and see who could be in play for the final spot or two.

Rashean Mathis (lock)
Darius Slay (lock)
Bill Bentley (potential lock)
Nevin Lawson (potential lock)
Cassius Vaughn
Chris Greenwood
Jonte Green
Mohammed Seisay
Aaron Hester

With the players Birkett listed as “virtual locks” in bold, that leaves Vaughn, who has looked good in camp so far, Greenwood who has had injury woes but still has practice squad eligibility, Jonte Green who has been up and down in his career (mostly down) and Both Seisay and Hester are thought to be log shots to make the team and are more likely competing for a practice squad position.  So if the real battle is between Vaughn, Green and Greenwood, I would think Vaughn gets a spot if they go with 6 corners.  If they go with 5 i would expect all three to battle for that last spot.  While currently Vaughn is ahead of Green and Greenwood, I would expect Mayhew would want to see what he has in Green and Greenwood before cutting loose two of his draft picks.

Given their current situation, and win Don Carey having the ability to play corner in a pinch, it is reasonable to think the real competition is between Green and Greenwood.  I think at this point, Green has shown little ability to be counted on for the future and is a role player at best.  I also think Greenwood is one injury away from Mayhew ending this developmental project.  It is also likely that they play the numbers game and see if Greenwood clears waivers to make the practice squad.  That would mean that Green and Vaughn are battling to see whether they keep 5 or 6 corners.  Either way, you are likely looking at the 2014 Detroit Lions corners going forward.

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