Teryl Austin To Remain As Detroit Lions Defensive Coordinator

The Detroit Lions received good news this morning when it was announced that Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn will become the next head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.  Teryl Austin had taken several interviews to be a head coach and Atlanta appeared to be his best shot at landing a job.  He and Quinn were the top two candidates and Quinn was coaching in the Superbowl so he could not be hired until the game ended.  When Austin was seen at the Senior Bowl working with the Detroit Lions, it was speculated that Quinn was the Falcons’ guy and that Austin would remain in Detroit.  That thought was confirmed this morning.

Austin, in his first season with Detroit, led a defense that ranked in the top 5 in points allowed, run defense, and total defense.  They were tied for second in points allowed per game, they were second for total yards per game, and first for rush defense.  Their biggest weakness was the pass defense.  They finished 13th in pass defense.  Coming into the season, pass defense was the biggest concern as Detroit’s secondary was atrocious.  They drastically improved this season, but still have work to go if they want to be considered Superbowl contenders.

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