Profile For Detroit Lions Defensive Coordinator Teryl Austin

As we continue to look at the Detroit Lions new coaching staff and the expected impact it will have on the team for this coming season and beyond, we will be doing a profile for Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin.  Austin comes to Detroit for his first stint as an NFL defensive coordinator.  Prior to that he bounced around between the NFL and NCAA for a variety of defensive coaching positions.  During that time, he has worked for a variety of well known coaches.  He has also undoubtedly gained priceless knowledge and experience along the way.  As we dig deeper into who he is, we will see that he is not only qualified for the defensive coordinator position, he is ready to help this team win now.

The college years:  Teryl Austin spent several years over the course of his career coaching at the college level.  He has also worked for some fantastic coaches along the way.  He started off at Penn State coaching under Joe Paterno.  From there, he went to Wake Forest to coach under new Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell.  He left there to coach at Syracuse under one of their best coaches Paul Pasqualoni.  After a couple of successful years there, he left to coach at the University of Michigan under Lloyd Carr.  When he left Michigan, it was to coach in the NFL for a number of years before returning to the college ranks to join Urban Meyer as Florida’s defensive coordinator.  Considering it was his only job as a defensive coordinator prior to hiring on with the Detroit Lions, it was definitely a wise career move to give him the necessary experience at a job requiring more responsibility.

The professional years:  Austin has coached for three different NFL teams prior to joining the Detroit Lions.  Each step of the way, he tasted success.  His first NFL coaching gig was with the Seattle Seahawks.  During that time he coached for Mike Holmgren who was a very successful coach in Green Bay.  He also had a little bit of success in Seattle while Teryl Austin was there.  Seattle went to and lost the Super Bowl.  Austin left Seattle and joined Ken Whisenhunt in Arizona.  Arizona surprised everyone in one of Austin’s years there and made the Super Bowl.  Unfortunately for Austin, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat his team again in the Super Bowl.  With two NFL teams, he reached and lost the Super Bowl which is fantastic experience.  Teryl Austin would eventually get over that hump while with the Baltimore Ravens when his team did win the Super Bowl over the San Francisco 49ers.  So with three NFL teams, Teryl Austin reached the Super Bowl.

With Austin coming to Detroit and bringing all of that experience winning with him, Lions fans cannot help but get excited.  Especially with offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi also having a Super Bowl win under his belt and head coach Jim Caldwell having experience coaching in a few Super Bowls, winning two of them as an assistant.  While we should expect success out of this team, especially with this level of talent, it would be silly to expect them to win the Super Bowl in their first season in Detroit.

We will be doing other coaching profiles during the slow part of the offseason so keep a watch out for them.  If you have more information that you think should be added to this profile, please share it in the comments below along with the link to the source and we will review and possibly include it.  If you have enjoyed this profile for Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin, please share it.

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