Former Detroit Lions Tight End Tony Scheffler Retires

Last season, the Detroit Lions expected to get decent performances out of their tight ends.  They had Brandon Pettigrew who has shown in the past that he can be very productive.  They also had Tony Scheffler who has shown flashes of quality production.  They expected more from Scheffler than previous seasons and he seemed destined to deliver.  Unfortunately concussions derailed that expectation early in the season and he was eventually let go.  Joseph Fauria performed well in Scheff’s absence and made him an unnecessary expense.

Scheffler, a second round pick out of Western Michigan in 2006 by the Denver Broncos, was a solid tight end but not a game changer.  He lined up for the Detroit Lions at the receiver position a few times when the injury bug hit, and played a fair amount at the tight end position before the addition, and ultimately emergence, of Joseph Fauria.  Considering Scheffler is from Michigan originally, it is of no surprise that he chose to retire after finishing his career in Detroit rather than attempt a comeback in another city.  Tony Scheffler stated that he is retiring due to having three concussion on the past four years.  He had moderate interest in free agency but decided against signing with anyone due to the concussions he has sustained.  According to ESPN, he will be pursuing a career in real estate instead.

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