Draft Profile – WR Jordan Matthews Vanderbilt

Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt

Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt

It is no secret that the Detroit Lions are looking for one more wide receiver to pair with Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate.  While they do still have Ryan Broyles and Kris Durham on the roster for the upcoming season, they would rather not have to rely on either of them to be a reliable number two receiver if something were to happen to Johnson or Tate.  They have taken a look at Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans as potential first round choices, but what happens if the Lions do not choose a receiver in the first round due to someone else being a better choice?  They would need to know something about the lower round players.  There are quite a few solid receivers available in this draft, and in fact, many consider this a deep draft for the position.  It may benefit them more to not select a receiver in the first round .  Here is a look at Jordan Matthews, one of the better players expected to still be there in the second round.

Jordan Matthews, the six foot three inch two hundred and twelve pound wide receiver out of Vanderbilt, is one of the more solid receiver prospects in the draft.  Matthews, who was at the senior bowl this past year, was highly regarded for his work ethic by scouts.  He has the type of attitude that you want in a receiver and one can only expect that to strengthen with a positive role model.  Calvin Johnson could be that role model.  The NFL is more than attitude and work ethic though.   The NFL is about production and winning.  So with that being said, lets take a look at his production.

In the combine, Matthews produced a decent forty time of 4.46.  For a receiver, that time is not great, but it is respectable.  His vertical was thirty five inches which is also decent for a receiver.  The combine was Matthews’ time to show that he belongs in the NFL, and by posting decent numbers, he did just that.  He solidified his status as a second round receiver.  While Matthews could drop to the third round depending on how the draft unfolds, it is more likely that he is chosen in the second.

Matthews statistically was a very productive receiver for Vanderbilt.  As a freshman he did not get much action, only snagging fourteen catches for one hundred and eighty one yards and four touchdowns.  His sophomore season was much better when he posted forty one catches for seven hundred seventy eight yards and five touchdowns.  His junior and senior years though are where he showed that he belongs in the NFL and specifically as a possession receiver.  his junior season he carved out ninety four catches for thirteen hundred twenty three yards and eight touchdowns.  Great numbers for a college junior.  If he came out last year though, he probably would have only been a mid to low round pick so he stayed in school and his senior season shows why.  He put up one hundred and twelve catches for fourteen hundred seventy seven yards and seven touchdowns.

Based on his college production, combine numbers, and scouts’ comments about him, he sounds like the perfect possession receiver in the role of a Ricky Proehl or a Wes Welker.  I would not expect him to be counted on as a number one or even as a deep threat.  He fits a possession role nicely and if put in that position, I expect him to thrive in the NFL.  That is why he would be perfect for the Lions offense.

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