Draft Profile – Oregon State WR Brandin Cooks

Oregon State WR Brandin Cooks

Oregon State WR Brandin Cooks

Brandin Cooks is easily one of the top ten receivers in this years draft, and it is commonly thought that whatever team drafts him either late in round one or early in round two is going to be a very strong playoff team.  Cooks is in the top five at his position in the following events at the combine:  the forty yard dash, the twenty yard shuttle, and the sixty yard shuttle.  Cooks is not just speed though, and if the Lions can get him in the second round after hitting big in round one on a defensive player, they are going to be getting an excellent receiver.  Let us take a look at why I feel that way.

Brandin Cooks ran one of the fastest forty yard dash times for a receiver at the combine, posting a 4.33 second time.  When you watch tape of him, you can see the speed.  While Cooks is a shorter receiver, he has not let that diminish his skill set.  Cooks measures in at five foot ten inches and weighs only one hundred and eighty five pounds .  He seems destined for a slot role in the NFL but if added to a team with two solid receivers, Cooks can be a very good deep threat.  So good in fact, that a team like the Detroit Lions could have the dynamic receiving corps they had back before Titus Young lost his marbles.  Young played the deep threat, while Burleson was content with the possession role and Calvin Johnson took the double coverage.   Cooks could be the same.  But Cooks is not just speed and flash.  His numbers do not lie.

As a sophomore in college, Cooks posted a remarkable sixty seven catches for eleven hundred fifty one yards and five touchdowns.  For a sophomore, that is unheard of.  His production was unbelievable last season as he recorded one hundred and twenty eight catches for seventeen hundred thirty yards and sixteen touchdowns.  Those numbers, if posted by a six foot three inch wide receiver would guarantee a top five pick in the draft.  In fact, Calvin Johnson‘s college numbers did not even look so good.  It should be said though that no matter where Cooks is projected to go, he will likely catch the eye of an NFL general manager and get picked in the twenties by a playoff team or border playoff team in the first round.  A team like Green Bay could benefit tremendously from that production and speed.  The same goes for Chicago.  But the question remains.  Will Brandon Cooks become a good NFL receiver or will he start off with high expectations and never meet them like Tavon Austin for the St. Louis Rams?  Only time will tell.

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