Draft Profile – Fresno State Wide Receiver Davante Adams

Fresno State WR Davante Adams

Fresno State WR Davante Adams

Davante Adams is currently on the Detroit Lions radar as they search for an additional wide receiver to add to their offense.  That was evident when they used one of their thirty allowed pre-draft visits on bringing him in.  It is hard not to like the potential that Adams has.  I started watching his draft stock just after the bowl games ended and he has only improved.  I originally wanted him to be a fourth round prospect, but with a successful showing at the combine, he vaulted his way into being a lock as a second round pick in this year’s draft.  Some draft analysts have him going as high as late in the first round.  So what is it about this player that has caught everyone’s eye, mine included?

Adams, who stands six foot one and weighs two hundred and twelve pounds is an electric receiver out of Fresno State.  While he did play at a small school in a lesser division one conference, he displayed his immense talent on a consistent basis.  He is a natural pass catcher, using his hands and not his body.  He is especially good at tracking the ball down the field.  Davante Adams has great jumping ability which is demonstrated by his thirty nine and a half inch vertical posted at the combine.  He was one of the top five receivers in the vertical, and given his height, that is a tremendous feat.  He is a very reliable receiver in regards to his catching ability which is a  major The only major knock on his is that he struggles to get separation at the line due to a lack of playing strength.

Davante Adams is a possession receiver with marginal speed, but his speed is good enough to where if he is lined up in the right system with the right teammates, he could be successful.  His production at Fresno State also shows that.  He was only a starter for two years, but they were dynamic years.  In 2012, his first season on the field, he recorded one hundred and two catches for thirteen hundred twelve yards and fourteen touchdowns.  Those statistics alone are fantastic.  That was not even Adams’ best season.  Last season he recorded one hundred and thirty one catches for seventeen hundred eighteen yards and twenty four touchdowns.

With two quality receivers in Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate playing on the same field, it seems unlikely that Davante Adams will see any unfavorable coverage matchups.  It is expected that he would thrive in the Detroit Lions offense,and he would open things up for Matthew Stafford and company to spread the field.  If he can get even half of the production he got in college, he will create headaches for defensive coordinators everywhere.

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