Draft Profile – Clemson Wide Receiver Martavis Bryant

Clemson WR Martavis Bryant

Clemson WR Martavis Bryant

Martavis Bryant is a raw wide receiver out of Clemson.  Playing beside Sammy Watkins, you would expect a receiver to thrive.  Especially when your quarterback is also widely expected to be drafted.  Bryant however did not.  He is expected to be a fourth or fifth round pick in the draft, and I suspect he could slip to the sixth depending on how teams view his measurables.  So who is Martavis Bryant and why are we talking about him as a potential Detroit Lions player?

Bryant stands six foot four inches and weighs two hundred eleven pounds.  He has great size for a receiver.  He ran a 4.42 forty at the combine and displayed in games that he does have good speed and can generate separation and has decent moves to break away after the catch.  Bryant has shown the ability to be a big play receiver for whichever team he is drafted by.

Martavis Bryant has many negatives though which is why he is not getting attention as a potential second round pick.  He has poor hands and needs to work on his route running.  He lacks toughness and focus.  He is considered a raw developmental receiver and could possibly bust out of the league if he does not mature and learn the finer points of the game.

After transferring to Clemson from a military school, Bryant played in all three of his seasons.  In his first year, he recorded 9 catches for 221 yards and 2 touchdowns.  After an average showing, he followed it up his second season with 10 catches for 305 yards and 4 touchdowns.  While his yards per catch and touchdown numbers were better, he did not show that he is capable of being a solid starting receiver.  His final season at Clemson was by far his best.  He put up numbers that would have been expected from a first or second year receiver.  His final tally was 42 catches for 828 yards and 7 touchdowns.  While his production was solid, it was not spectacular.  In fact, it was so mild that the coaching staff actually gameplanned for multiple tight ends and a fullback at times to keep him off the field.

Bryant is a very intriguing receiver prospect given the flashes of ability he has shown.  His lack of catching reliability is a major concern.  Other concerns about him are that he had been academically ineligible at one point and suspended for taunting at another point.  It shows not only a lack of focus but a pure lack of intelligence.  He almost can be compared for former Lions wide receiver Titus Young in that he had talent in college but red flags with his personality.  As a general manager of a team that cannot afford another project receiver with shaky hands, I would have to pass on Martavis Bryant.

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