Detroit Lions Trade Mohammed Seisay To Seattle

The Detroit Lions made an interesting move Sunday afternoon in agreeing to trade corner Mohammed Seisay to the Seattle Seahawks for an undisclosed 2016 draft pick.  For the Lions, the move was simple:  they are acquiring something for a player who will likely not make the team anyway.  Seisay, while he played more than expected last season due to injuries, is buried on the depth chart.  By going to Seattle, he has an opportunity to plug into a defense decimated by injuries to its secondary as well as compete for a roster spot.  For the Lions, they get a late round pick to be determined later.

The Lions now have one open roster spot and it will be interesting to see what they do.  They are still perceived to be weak at defensive tackle, and Seattle released Tony McDaniel to save salary cap space.  While it is unknown if the Lions have interest in him or not, if they were to sign him, they essentially would get McDaniel and a late round pick for Seisay.

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