Detroit Lions Sign Guard Garrett Reynolds

The Detroit Lions signed guard Garrett Reynolds to a contract just a week away from training camp.  Reynolds is expected to compete with the veteran guards already on the roster for a spot.  While he is likely not going to make the active roster, he does have some experience under his belt that makes his signing a bit more interesting.  Below is an excerpt from which explains why Reynolds is one to keep an eye on.

Reynolds, 27, a former fifth-round draft pick, spent the last four years with the Atlanta Falcons. He’s played in 42 career games with 23 starts, including 10 last year.

Having stuck on in Atlanta for as long as he has, playing in as many games as he has, some of which likely on special teams, and starting as many games as he has, including as recent as last season, it is possible that he sticks on the team like some of last years late additions did.  It is likely that he make a good depth addition behind Warford, Sims, Swanson, and Austin.  He could even usurp Austin’s spot if he shows to not have made enough growth to this point.  With training camp just a week away, now is the time to see what we have and make the necessary adjustments.

To make room for Reynolds, the Lions released tackle JB Shugarts.


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