Detroit Lions Release Wide Receiver Erik Lora

The Detroit Lions announced their counter move to yesterdays signing of running back Rasheed Williams.  They have release wide receiver Erik Lora.  Lora was signed after rookie minicamp when he was brought in as a tryout player.  He signed with the team shortly after, but the team released Williams due to school obligations.  When Williams was released, he was replaced by Wayne State running back Desmond Martin under the expectation that they needed another running back for practices.  Logically, the re-signing of Williams would have pushed another running back out, but the move to release Lora means that they simply could not let go of one of their running backs just yet.  They likely saw enough out of each of them to want to see a little more of what they can do.  Lora, given the competition he had, did not have a very good shot at making the team and thus was released.

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