Detroit Lions Release Anthony Boone Sign Garrett Gilbert

The Detroit Lions made a surprise move over the weekend by releasing 4th quarterback Anthony Boone and claiming former St Louis Rams quarterback Garrett Gilbert.  Gilbert, the former Southern Methodist and Texas Longhorn quarterback, spent time with both the Rams and the New England Patriots.  The move was a bit of a surprise because typically the team uses the 4th quarterback as merely a camp arm.  They have virtually no shot to make the team.  Last offseason, James Franklin was barely used in his time as Detroit’s 4th quarterback.  This year, Boone didnt even make it past OTAs before he was let go.

For Detroit to make a move this far down the depth chart means one of two things.  Either they really liked Gilbert coming out of college and wanted a chance to evaluate him up close, or Boone was so bad in OTAs that they could not justify keeping him around for minicamp.

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