Detroit Lions Place Corner Alex Carter On Injured Reserve

As expected, the Detroit Lions placed corner Alex Carter on injured reserve to end his season.  He practiced for a couple weeks after his short term injured reserve requirements were met, but the coaching staff felt like the rookie was just too far behind to contribute this season and placed him on season ending IR.  With Carter done for the season, that means the Lions will have to reach out elsewhere should they need corners to fill in for injuries down the road.  This marks the second straight year that a rookie was placed on short term IR just to end up on long term IR later on.  The Lions felt that short term IR for rookies would help them get these players back in time, but without having spent time getting up to NFL speed, its a waste of the short term IR spot.  Teams that use that spot for veterans are getting a player back when they are placed on short term IR.  Teams that use that spot for rookies are essentially saying they do not want to use that spot for any player that can help the team win this season.

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