Detroit Lions Kicking Game In Shambles Again

The Detroit Lions find themselves right where they started last season in terms of their kicking game.  Last year, they chose to go with veteran kicker David Akers and the results were disastrous.  The kicking game was very unreliable and the Lions ended up going for it at times when kicking would have been wise.  In the offseason they let Akers walk and drafted a kicker in the second round.

Fast forward to today, week two of the 2014 season is over and the Detroit Lions are right where they were last year but with different names in the respective kicker position.  Rookie kicker Nate Freese has had 5 total field goal attempts this season.  In those 5 attempts, he has made 2 field goals.  Both of which were short field goals.  He has missed every attempt from 40 yards or more.  That is a recipe for disaster for a team that thinks it can compete now.  During the playoffs, games are often decided by who can and who cannot make field goals.

Nothing is certain right now.  The Detroit Lions have not announced the desire to look at other kickers.  They also did not deny interest in other kickers.  At this point, I think they are giving the rookie a pass, but I do not suspect that will last too much longer.  If Freese is still missing kicks that he should make come week 5 or 6, I would expect to see him replaced.  Depending on how the coaches feel about him now it could happen sooner.  The only thing that is certain is that Freese should be worried about his job.

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