Detroit Lions Interested In Corner Brandon Flowers

The buzz today, with Friday’s release of corner Chris Houston, is about the rumored interest the Detroit Lions have in free agent corner Brandon Flowers.  This was expected on Friday as Flowers was released by the Kansas City Chiefs around the same time that Chris Houston was released by the Detroit Lions.  In fact, some of the Lions writers brought up some points that both favor and red flag bringing him to Detroit.  Below are the pros and cons.

Pros to adding Brandon Flowers:

  • Age – He is only 28, so he’s much younger than Rashean Mathis and could be a long term option opposite Darius Slay
  • System – He was released from KC due to being a press corner in a zone based scheme.  Detroit is rumored to be using more of a press coverage system
  • Gunther Cunningham – Gunny knows him from his time in KC and likely knows everything he needs to about how Brandon Flowers would fit here in Detroit.  Given how much he has seen of the new schemes and what he knows about Flowers, one would think the Lions would act based on Gunny’s advice (either for or against)

Cons to adding Brandon Flowers:

  • Injuries – He has dealt with injuries and concussions in the past couple years, with concussions being a major concern.
  • Price – Flowers was released from a 5 year $50 million contract.  It is unlikely, especially considering how many teams could be interested in him, that he would sign for the $2 million Detroit has available under the cap.  They would likely need to restructure some people (or reach a deal with Suh) to free up the space needed to compete for his services.
  • Size – He is 5’9″ and the talk is that Teryl Austin prefers bigger corners.  While that may be true, the Detroit Lions did just draft a 5’9″ corner in Nevin Lawson.
  • Depth – Signing Flowers would likely end the tenure of one of the Detroit Lions younger corners, possibly Jonte Green or Chris Greenwood.  With both of them fighting for likely one roster spot, signing Brandon Flowers would all but guarantee they don’t make the active roster.

While I do not think Detroit will sign him, and while I prefer not to report on rumors too often, the fact that the team has reached out to Brandon Flowers and that they are reported to have real interest in him makes this too difficult to pass up.  So while the Detroit Lions do have interest in corner Brandon Flowers, I do expect the team to start the season with the young guys, and if they have concerns at that point, then they will likely make a move for a 1 year deal on whatever the top press corner left is.

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