Detroit Lions Hire Ernie Accorsi As Consultant For General Manager Search

In a shocking bit of news today, the Detroit Lions announced that they have hired former New York Giants general manager Ernie Accorsi as a consultant to help them hire their new general manager.  The move to hire Accorsi shows the fans that Martha Ford is interested in doing this the right way.  If the Lions hire the man that Accorsi recommends, it will be the first time in franchise history that the Fords have taken the NFL’s advice and hired a football expert to run the show.  Team President Rod Wood informed the media that Accorsi has pledged sole commitment to the Lions during their search and he will not consult for anyone else until the Lions have hired their next general manager.  Wood also repeatedly said that current interim general manager Sheldon White is a candidate.  Whether the team hires White or whether they go after someone else, Accorsi needs to be the one making the final decision for this to be successful.

Accorsi has a very good track record.  First, as a general manager when he ran the Giants organization and orchestrating the Eli Manning trade.  Then, as a consultant, he organized the hires of Thomas Dimitroff at Atlanta, David Gettleman to Carolina, and Ryan Pace to Chicago.  Gettlemen and Dimitroff both have had excellent draft histories thus far.

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