Detroit Lions Hire Director of Player Personnel And Retain Jim Caldwell

The Detroit Lions announced Friday that they have decided to keep Jim Caldwell as head coach.  In a statement released by the Lions, Bob Quinn stated that the reason he decided to keep Caldwell was because it was apparent to him that the team responded well to his leadership, as well as his respect for Caldwell’s overall body of work.  One of Quinn’s major deciding factors when he was first hired was that he needed to see if he could work with Caldwell.  Caldwell, all season, re-iterated that he can work with anyone.  The announcement confirms that Caldwell convinced his new boss of exactly that.

In addition to retaining Caldwell, Bob Quinn retained the services of Lance Newark.  Newark was recently promoted to the Director of College Scouting with the Lions.  The Lions parted ways with longtime scout Scott McElwen, who was serving as a Senior Personnel Executive with the Lions.  McElwen had been with the Lions since 1987 in some capacity.

Probably the biggest move, outside of the Caldwell announcement was the hiring of Kyle Obrien as the new Player Personnel Director.  Obrien, who was hired away from Jacksonville, was with Quinn for many years in New England’s front office.  The hiring gives Quinn someone who shares the same values as him in a leadership role in the front office.  Quinn will likely make another move or two to fill out the front office staff.  He has a Pro Personnel Director spot that could be reworked as well as the scouting department.

With Caldwell back in the fold, the coaching staff will likely get filled out.  The Lions have three coaches that were fired during the season.  They will likely fill those positions with new staff members.  A quarterback coach is likely to be hired, and assistants in both the offensive line and tight ends positions will likely be added.  The Lions are also waiting to see if they will need to replace their defensive coordinator or not.  It is reported that Teryl Austin is not a lead candidate in Tennessee but until the Titans fill the spot that Austin interviewed for, the Lions need to wait and see what happens with him.  Jim Bob Cooter is also a question mark.  He is likely going to be the offensive coordinator this season, but no one knows if he is under contract or not.  If not, an announcement will likely be made soon that he has signed a new contract.  If he is under contract, we will likely hear about it next week when the media reaches out to his representatives.

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