Detroit Lions Hire Bob Quinn As New General Manager

On Friday evening, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the Lions would be naming New England Patriots Pro Scouting director Bob Quinn as their new General Manager.  After the dust settled, the Detroit Lions finally confirmed that they did in fact reach an agreement for Quinn to be the new General Manager.  Quinn was highly recommended by several in the industry and it was reported that many believed that the two top candidates for the job should be Eliot Wolf and Bob Quinn.  The Lions got one of the two even though they were only able to interview one of them.

The move is both good and bad for Lions fans.  The move is good because it shows that the team is finally moving toward changing the culture from a losing culture to a winning culture.  By hiring Quinn, who hired in with the Patriots in the same year as Bill Belichick, they have someone from a winning culture who can instill those same procedures and beliefs to a team with talent but no winning culture.

The move is bad for fans because it screams of the same old Lions.  The Lions asked permission to interview 3 candidates outside of their organization.  It is being reported that they did not interview all of those candidates before making a decision.  In fact, it is speculated that the only two interviews that were conducted were of Sheldon White and Bob Quinn.  While no one yet knows if Kevin Abrams was interviewed, it was reported that Trent Kirchner was not interviewed.  If this is true, it speaks of the Lions acting in the same way that they always have.  They narrowed their focus to one target, and once they interviewed that target, the hired him without interviewing anyone else.

While it is very concerning that the team focused on one target and no one else, at least they focused one someone that could bring a completely different perspective to the organization.  They went after Quinn, who only knows winning.  He comes from a team that drafts both for current and future needs.  During his tenure, the Patriots drafted a quarterback once every few drafts to make sure they always had a young potential backup on staff in case Tom Brady got hurt.  The Detroit Lions have not had that since Matthew Stafford was drafted.  The Patriots have also hit on free agents like Wes Welker and Randy Moss when Moss was just about out of the league.

In all, it is a very exciting time for the Lions.  They have a new leader, a new direction, and possibly a new coach.  Dave Birkett reports that news on Jim Caldwell’s future could be coming today.  Calvin Johnson‘s future could also be determined in the week or two coming up.

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