Detroit Lions Expected To Work Out Kickers Tomorrow

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit Lions have decided to work out more kickers.  They will be working out some guys tomorrow as the team is not scheduled for practice again until Wednesday.  The list of kickers are not yet known although they will be listed tomorrow I am sure.

This comes after new Lion kicker Alex Henery missed three field goals in yesterday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills.  Considering the Lions lost by a field goal, it is safe to say that Henery cost the team a win yesterday,  Making just one of the three field goal attempts puts this game in overtime instead of it being a loss.  Making two of the three wins the game.  Making all three likely seals the win long before the Bills drove down for the game winner.  Needless to say, a move is expected following tomorrow’s workouts which are likely to include Jay Feely, who has publicly stated he is waiting for the Lions to call him, and possibly Matt Prater, who is the best kicker option out there right now.

Paula Pasche reported that we should not rule out the return of Jason Hanson either, although I think he is likely enjoying his role that he has now.  He has been at the practice facility a few times giving pointers to the young guys.  He also seems fit for a coaching role at some point should he choose to pursue it.

Former Arizona kicker Jay Feely is confirmed to be one of the kickers working out for Detroit tomorrow.  He was in the upper peninsula on vacation lobbying on twitter for a shot at the job.  He has apparently gotten his call from the Lions and is headed to Detroit.

Adam Schefter reported that former Bronco’s kicker Matt Prater will also be working out in Detroit tomorrow.  This move comes as no shock considering fans wanted him here as soon as he was released.  Henery’s poor performance has made the move that much easier.

Dave  Birkett announced that former Tampa Bay kicker Connor Barth will also be attending the workout tomorrow.

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