Detroit Lions Change Xavier Proctors Position

The Detroit Lions announced today that defensive tackle Xavier Proctor will be switching side of the ball.  After spending two seasons on the practice squad with the Lions as a defensive tackle., they have moved him to offensive tackle.  The move likely comes as a result of two factors.  The first one being that Proctor likely would not make the team again as a defensive tackle.  I would guess that with last season and the start of OTAs this season,defensive coordinator Teryl Austin saw enough of Proctor to know that he does not fit into what the Lions are doing defensively.  The second part of this is that the offensive side of the ball, while inproved, needs help at offensive tackle.  Currently, the right tackle spot is manned by undrafted free agent Cornelius Lucas.  The team also has LaAdrian Waddle, who is a possible pup candidate due to his injuries from last season.  Outside of those two, they only have 7th round pick Corey Robinson at right tackle.  Moving Proctor not only gives them another tackle during camps and OTAs but it also allows them to see if he can make the team in a different role.

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