Detroit Lions Bring Back Defensive Tackle Andre Fluellen Again

In predictable fashion, the Detroit Lions have filled the void left by placing defensive tackle Tyrunn Walker on injured reserve by re-signing defensive tackle Andre Fluellen.  Fluellen was originally drafted by the team in 2008, and has played for Detroit for at least one game every single year he as been in the league.  He did bounce around a bit playing in Miami and Buffalo at times, but when Detroit needs a defensive tackle, Flu is always available and in good shape.  Last season when the Lions re-signed him General Manager Martin Mayhew joked that he did not need to see Fluellen work out because he knows that every time he calls him, he is in great shape and ready to go.  Fluellen was in today for a workout along with about a dozen players at various positions, but ultimately, he got the job over everyone else.  Provided he stays healthy, he will likely finish the season with Detroit as his familiarity with the system, team, and city make him an ideal signing.

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