CJ Mosely Re-Activated From Suspension

The Detroit Lions have reinstated defensive tackle CJ Mosely from his two week suspension.  While the team refused to comment on the reason for the suspension, there are reports that Mosely was caught disabling a hotel smoke detector in London, England so he could smoke Marijuana.  The reports also indicate that Mosely may take action against the Lions for suspending him.  Either way, the suspension in its entirely only caused Mosely to miss 1 game and no practice time due to the bye week.  He did, however, lose two pay checks as a result of the suspension which is the reason for the grievance he is reportedly filing.

The team would not comment on whether Mosely is facing any charges in London due to possession of an illegal substance or for disabling smoke detectors in a hotel (which would be a civil court charge and not a criminal court charge).  It is likely that the team reinstated Mosely due to the injury to Nick Fairley, but the ambiguity of the terms of the suspension when it was announced allowed the team to make this adjustment without looking inept at discipline.

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