Calvin Johnson Officially Retires From NFL

Calvin Johnson has officially retired from the NFL today, the Detroit Lions announced through their official Twitter account.  The news is somber yet not too surprising considering that he had been telling people close to him that he would retire.  He even went through the process of collecting his last home game catch ball and his last touchdown ball.  The moves at the time appeared related to the fact that he was owed a large amount of money this season and the media speculated that he may be moved in the offseason due to that.  The fact is, he was planning retirement all along and no one except his close inner circle knew.

With his announcement, the Lions will go into free agency tomorrow with an additional 11 million dollars to spend.  His announcement helps the team to plan for life without him, a life many Lions fans hoped would not be this soon.  We here at SilverLionSports wish Calvin Johnson all the best in the next chapter of his life.  He was a great player for the Lions and an even better role model for children.

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