A Look Back At The Detroit Lions Second Round Picks

There has been a lot of talk since Kyle Van Noy‘s injury about the Detroit Lions and their history with second round picks.  I mentioned it in the article about Kyle Van Noy‘s surgery.  Detroit Lions beat reporters have mentioned it quite a bit over the past few days, and even Dave Birkett mentioned that the last good second round picks were Dominic Raiola and Shaun Rogers.  I decided to take a look at every second round pick since 2000 to see how the Lions have fared.  This list spans a few general managers so it will show that this is not on just one man’s decisions.




  • Barrett Green – Green was drafted with the idea that his speed would transform the Detroit linebacking corps.  Instead, he was consistently injured and under-performed.  Draft Status:  Bust


  • Dominic Raiola – Raiola was never the caliber of player the team wanted but he was an immediate starter who, 13 years later, is still the best center the Detroit Lions have.  Draft Status:  Success
  • Shaun Rogers – Rogers was a force at defensive tackle, at times.  He had all of the tools needed to be successful.  He should have been a first round pick but injuries forced him to round two.  He also had questionable work ethic and took plays off.  Nevertheless, he is still active in the NFL.  Draft Status:  Success


  • Kalimba Edwards – Led the team in sacks as a rookie, but never amounted to much after that.  Was released in 2008 and the Raiders signed and cut him after one year.  Draft Status:  Bust


  • Boss Bailey – There was so much hype surrounding Boss Bailey.  Fans wanted him taken in the first round because of his speed.  He was supposed to be the best linebacker prospect ever.  Injuries derailed his career and, when healthy, he was never the player fans had hoped he would be  Draft Status:  Bust


  • Teddy Lehman – He was a stud linebacker in college.  He was expected to be the next Chris Spielman.  He was universally expected to be a 10 plus year starter.  Once again, injuries and lack of consistency derailed his career.  Draft Status:  Bust


  • Shaun Cody – Cody played for the Lions for a few seasons but never lived up to his draft status.  He is classified as a bust due to being out of the league after a 3 year stint with Houston where he was just as forgettable as his years in Detroit.  If he was a 5th round pick, I would consider him a success.  Draft Status:  Bust


  • Daniel Bullocks – Bullocks was never as good as some expected him to be.  He played three years in Detroit battling injuries and was officially out of a job in 2010, just 4 years into his career.  Draft Status:  Bust


  • Drew Stanton – Stanton was drafted as a backup with the intention of eventually developing him into a starter.  Injuries were his downfall from the very beginning.  He showed some ability but could not stay healthy enough to count on him.  He also was tough to evaluate due to his health issues.  He has since turned into a career backup and is currently in Arizona. Draft Status:  Bust
  • Ikaika Alama-Francis – Alama-Francis was a bit of a head scratcher when selected.  The team needed pass rush help, but Alama-Francis was not known for that in college.  He proceeded to play and battle injuries for 2 seasons in Detroit, and bombed out in Miami as well.  Draft Status:  Bust
  • Gerald Alexander – Played his entire rookie season, but was traded to Jacksonville after his second season in Detroit.  He flamed out of the league in 2011.  Draft Status:  Bust


  • Jordon Dizon – Struggled for playing time in his first season and suffered a career ending knee injury in his second season.  Draft Status:  Bust


  • Louis Delmas – Delmas showed flashes of excellence when healthy.  The problem is, until his final season in Detroit in 2013, he was never healthy for a full season.  Detroit eventually let him hit free agency due to his high price tag and poor health.  He is currently still in the NFL.  Draft Status:  Undecided


  • No Pick


  • Titus Young – Titus showed tremendous talent in his first season.  He looked like the perfect complement to Calvin Johnson.  Unfortunately in season two, he showed a mental instability that led to his release from the team, and ultimately NFL.  Titus is currently battling legal issues.  Draft Status:  Bust
  • Mikel Leshoure – Leshoure was expected to be the future of the Detroit Lions at running back.  He was a power back and perfect complement to Jahvid Best.  Unfortunately he was drafted and shelved for a year to recover from an achilles injury.  Leshoure returned in 2012 but was awful at best.  He was released this past offseason.  Draft Status:  Bust


  • Ryan Broyles – Broyles was injured coming out of college but the Lion still had high hopes for him.  He unfortunately suffered injuries in 2012 and 2013.  He mad the 53 man roster but it was not easy for him.  Another injury and I suspect his time in Detroit is over.  Draft Status:  undecided


  • Darius Slay – He had a horrible rookie year.  He started off hurt, played poorly, and when forced into action he looked better but eventually got hurt again.    He is slated to start this season so the hopes are still high for Slay.  Draft Status:  Too Early to Tell


  • Kyle Van Noy – Van Noy was the prized pick for the Lions in round two.  College buddies with defensive end Ezekiel Ansah, Van Noy was expected to be the rush linebacker that the team desperately needed.  That is, of course, until a hernia injury sidelined him for the first 8 games of the season.  Draft Status:  Too Early to Tell

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