2016 Preseason Week 2 Wrap Up

The image for this article says it all.  This was a sloppy game for the Detroit Lions.  There was no good that came from it in terms of evaluating players, unless of course you were looking for a reason to cut players.  The offensive line was better, not counting a sack allowed by undrafted tight end Cole Wick, at protecting Matthew Stafford.  They could not open up running lanes though.  On one specific play, Theo Riddick had a chance for a big run only to have the hole filled by the defensive end Taylor Decker was tasked to block.

Speaking of the run game, it is apparent that without Ameer Abdullah, the Lions are not a threat to run the ball.  Its hard to imagine Abdullah’s presence being enough to kick start the rushing attack that finished dead last a year ago with him as their lead rusher.  General Manager Bob Quinn had the right idea for fixing the run game.  He drafted three offensive linemen in hopes of building from the trenches.  Unfortunately, the offensive line is not getting the job done, and the running backs do not appear to be good enough to make something out of nothing.

The quarterbacks were no better either.  Matthew Stafford had another fumble, although it was recovered by the offense.  Dan Orlovsky threw a beautiful pick six to Cincinnati’s defense, his second in two weeks.  Jake Rudock, who many fans think is not likely to make the roster, whiffed on a pass, sending it to Cincinnati’s defense as well, although not for a touchdown.  Rudock was slightly better than Orlovsky, albeit against weaker competition.

The defensive line and receivers were the only semi-positive points in the game.  Many of the Lions receivers were productive, including former Bengal Marvin Jones.  Ashawn Robinson was getting decent push in the front for the defensive line.  The concern for the defensive line though has to be the poor run stopping that was displayed.  Now, it is still preseason and there is nothing to worry about until the regular season.  With that being said, Teryl Austin needs to get his defense in position to stuff the run, especially if Adrian Peterson stays healthy this season.  They will need to shut him down at least once to have a chance at a playoff spot this season

The Lions have a few extra days to get ready for their week three match up as they face off against the Ravens in Baltimore on Saturday.

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