2015 Week 8 Review Detroit Lions Blown Out Overseas

The Detroit Lions did the unthinkable Sunday morning in London, England.  After offensive coaching changes were supposed to help the team move in the right direction, the Detroit Lions fell flat on their face, losing to a 2 win team by a score of 45-10.  In a game that really was never close. the Lions starters appeared to not care about playing football.  It looks as if the season is over to them.  There is nothing left to play for, and they showed that Sunday.

The Kansas City Chiefs are a team that could be good, but have played very poorly all season.  This was a game that I should have seen coming but did not.  I picked Detroit to win, and really that was the bad choice.  I expected they would struggle due to the Chief’s pass rush.  I expected that the offense would need time before Jim Bob Cooter’s affect on the team would be visible.  Still though, no one expected them to give up.  They had two scoring drives.  One of them mattered, the first drive of the game.  The second one was in garbage time and really meant nothing.

Fans and media expected someone to lose their job over that performance.  It is one thing to continue losing, or even to not show immediate improvement, after a coaching change.  It is another to give up and not try during a game.  This is exactly what we saw.  Matthew Stafford was sacked 6 times (should have been 7 if not for a penalty).  His performance was terrible, throwing two interceptions and playing poor in every facet of the game.  Sure, he was likely shell shocked by the amount of times he has been hit.  Sure, he played like crap.  The one thing we do not see though, is that any one else cared.  The defense, which did lose a good portion of its talent in the offseason with Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley, George Johnson, and CJ Mosely all leaving in free agency and DeAndre Levy getting hurt before the regular season, played like one of the worst defenses in the league.  This is the same defense that was number 2 in the NFL last season.

After Tuesday settled, Jim Caldwell, Martin Mayhew, and Tom Lewand all still have their jobs, meaning they likely will keep them until the end of the season.  At that time, it is up to Martha Ford to decide whether to keep this mess together for another season or clean house and start over.

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