2015 Week 6 Preview Detroit Lions Versus Chicago Bears

This game decides whether or not the Detroit Lions are going to be a competitive football team or battle 0-16.  Chicago is probably the worst team left on Detroit’s schedule.  If they cannot get a win at home against one of the worst teams in the NFL, their season is over.  Their shot at making the playoffs is basically gone as well, but at least making a run against the teams left on their schedule gives the fans hopefor next season.  Enough with the state of the Lions and on to the Bears


  • Detroit Lions Offensive Line vs. Chicago Bears Defensive Line –  In years past, the Bears defensive line would be solid.  This season, the Bears are switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and as Packers fans know, its a tough transition.  On top of that, Ego Ferguson is doubtful and Jeremiah Ratliff is questionable.  The Lions offensive line is a mess.  They do get Larry Warfod back, but they still cannot run the ball or protect the quarterback. Edge None
  • Detroit Lions Tight Ends vs. Chicago Bears Linebackers – Eric Ebron is out again, meaning its Brandon Pettigrew all day Sunday.  The bears are decimated by injuries as well  Pernell McPhee is questionable and Shea McClellen is doubtful.  While I do not necessarily see Detroit’s tight ends running wild, I also do not see Chicago’s linebackers being the difference makers in this match up.   Edge None
  • Detroit Lions Wide Receivers vs. Chicago Bears Secondary – This match up should be a no brainer in Detroit’s favor  but it is not.  Detroit still has Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate, two of the best receivers in the NFL.  The Bears secondary has Kyle Fuller, who is still young and developing, and Tracy Porter.  With both Terrance Mitchell and Antrell Rolle doubtful, Detroit gets the edge by default  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Running Backs vs. Chicago Bears Run Defense –  Detroit’s run game has been terrible.  Chicago’s run defense has been terrible.  In theory, this should be a draw, but given Detroit’s super poor rushing attack so far this season, it is hard to imagine giving Detroit the edge, or even having it a draw.  I expect Detroit to try to run.  I also expect it to be more effective than in past weeks.  I also expect that they will abandon the run and throw it 50 times.  Edge Bears
  • Detroit Lions Quarterbacks vs. Chicago Bears Pass Defense –  Matthew Stafford was benched in the Arizona game.  If he uses that as motivation, he could shred the Bears and make this game get ugly real quick.  The problem is, Stafford sounded like he had no fire or passion during the press conferences this week.  The Bears will likely get pressure on Stafford this week with the offensive line being a big question mark.  For the first time though the entire line is healthy and we will see the projected starting 5 start together.  If Lombardi opens up the playbook and Stafford plays like someone out to prove the public wrong, this could go to Detroit.  Do I think that will happen, no.  Do I think the Bears will shutdown Stafford, I doubt it.   Edge Lions…I guess


  • Detroit Lions Defensive Line vs. Chicago Bears Offensive Line – It really all depends on what defensive line we see this week.  Tyrunn Walker is done, so that hurts.  Haloti Ngata is out so expect single team blocking along the line.  The Bears shuffled their offensive line from last season with Kyle Long playing tackle and rookie Hironis Grasu playing center.  There are some vulnerabilities in Chicago’s line, but their are also reasons for concern among the Detroit defensive linemen.  Edge None
  • Detroit Lions Linebackers vs. Chicago Bears Tight Ends –  With Stephen Tulloch playing like he is 54 and DeAndre Levy out indefinitely with a hip injury, the Lions are very vulnerable at linebacker.  Granted, they played all season so far with Tulloch, Tahir Whitehead, and Josh Bynes as their starting three linebackers, but against Martellus Bennett you need something more.  Which brings me to Chicago.  Bennett is questionable.  If he does not play, and I expect him to try, the Lions will get a huge boost.    Edge Chicago
  • Detroit Lions Secondary vs. Chicago Bears Wide Receivers – Detroit’s secondary is not very good.  Glover Quin and Darius Slay are pretty good but James Ihedigbo, who is questionable, and Rashean Mathis are aging.  Chicago is thin at receiver right now with their first round pick currently on IR.  Ashlon Jeffery and Eddie Royal, the two best receivers left on the team, are both questionable.  Both will likely play, but if they do sit, Detroit could shut down Chicago’s passing attack.  Edge Detroit
  • Detroit Lions Run Defense vs. Chicago Bears Running Backs – This is by far the most important match up.  I do not expect Jay Cutler to beat the Lions by himself.  Chicago’s Matt Forte is running well this year, as always.  I expect Forte to run well due to the injuries on the Lions interior defensive line.  I do expect though that the defense will put up a fight.  Against Seattle, Detroit shut down Thomas Rawls.  He has been magnificent in the other two games he has played.  Against Arizona and Minnesota, it was a beating that the Lions took at the hands of their rushing attacks.  Last year, Forte was held down.  This year, expect his revenge.  Edge Chicago
  • Detroit Lions Pass Defense vs. Chicago Bears Quarterbacks – There is no way, even with a healthy Ashlon Jeffery and Eddie Royal that Jay Cutler is going to light up Detroit’s secondary in Detroit.  He is just not that good of a quarterback.  In years past, he faltered in Detroit, throwing multiple interceptions.  This year I expect no different.  Edge Lions


  • Detroit Lions Special Teams vs. Chicago Bears Special Teams –  I do not know what to pick here.  Detroit’s got potential in the return game with TJ Jones.  He had an awesome 62 yard kickoff return last week that was nullified by a penalty.  If he continues to be the full time returner, the Lions could finally get a boost here.  Chicago relies solely on Eddie Royal here, and while he is solid, he is also aging.  I cannot honestly give either team an edge based on their return team.  Sam Martin is a terrific punter for Detroit, pinning the Cardinals on the 1 yard line last week.  Matt Prater is among the best kickers in the NFL.  Chicago is solid in both areas.  Pat McDonnell is solid and Robbie Gould had been around forever.   Edge None


Lions 4  Bears 3

Wow was that close.  Detroit barely gets an edge over Chicago and even that may be due to gross misjudgments on my part.  Still though, since the numbers favor Detroit I do too.  It is still hard to call this game. While Chicago looks weak, so does Detroit.  Looking at Chicago’s schedule, their losses were to Seattle, Green Bay, and Arizona.  Considering Detroit also lost to two of those three and the third they have not yet seen, they are not as bad as once thought.  Their two wins though were against Kansas City and Oakland, two teams dealing with their own struggles.  I think this game comes down to home field advantage.  Detroit is down and lacking confidence from an 0-5 start and Chicago is a bad team rebounding from an 0-3 start to win their last two.  It will be close, and probably low scoring.  Go Lions

Detroit 17 Chicago 13

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