2015 Week 4 Preview Detroit Lions Versus Seattle Seahawks

The Detroit Lions are in unfamiliar territory this week as they are 0-3 and playing a tough Seattle team.  Going into the season, the schedule looked brutal for the Lions to start the season.  They showed just how tough it really was by dropping all three of their first three games.  Seattle, who is a surprising 1-2, has struggled to start the season as well.  They lost an overtime game in St. Louis and they lost to a very good Green Bay team.  The difference between the two teams though is that Seattle got their top defender back in Kam Chancellor last week.  Detroit’s best defender DeAndre Levy is doubtful this week and will likely not play.  Can Detroit win without him?


  • Detroit Lions Offensive Line vs. Seattle Seahawks Defensive Line – Detroit’s offensive line is awful.  They could not run against the Broncos, they could not stop the edge rush, they could not seem to block anyone.  This week, I expect more of the same.  Cliff Avril will have a field day against his former team and Matthew Stafford will get brutalized.  Edge Seahawks
  • Detroit Lions Tight Ends vs. Seattle Seahawks Linebackers – Eric Ebron has been better this season, but he has needed to be.  Joseph Fauria was cut and Brandon Pettigrew has been out with injury.  Seattle’s pass defense has been great for a while now and their linebackers are a good part of why.  Expect Ebron to get a couple of catches, but Seattle’s linebackers will make more of a difference this week.   Edge Seahawks
  • Detroit Lions Wide Receivers vs. Seattle Seahawks Secondary –  If this was Scott Linehan’s offense still, it would be a clear win for the Detroit receivers regardless of how good the Seattle secondary is.  Sadly, it is Joe Lombardi’s offense.  With rumors circling that teams know what the Lions are going to run before they run it, it is hard to imagine this defense giving much to Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate.  I do expect bigger things from Tate this week playing against his former team, but it will not be enough.  Edge Seahawks
  • Detroit Lions Running Backs vs. Seattle Seahawks Run Defense – Joique Bell is out this week meaning Ameer Abdullah and Zach Zenner will get the majority of the carries.  Detroit’s run game has been terrible, but if they can contain Seattle’s offense, they may be able to establish a run game this week against Seattle.  Abdullah was good in his first week but in weeks since, Bell has been the primary runner when they were still in the game.  Most of the time the team sits back passing, leading to a struggling offense.  Until I see a 100 yard rusher out of the Detroit backfield, this will be a weakness.   Edge Seahawks
  • Detroit Lions Quarterbacks vs. Seattle Seahawks Pass Defense –  Matthew Stafford is not good enough to shred good defenses so expecting him to do so against a great defense is madness.  Seattle’s secondary will get at least 1 if not 2 picks off of Stafford again.  Edge Seahawks


  • Detroit Lions Defensive Line vs. Seattle Seahawks Offensive Line – While the Seahawks are not known for their offensive line play, they are known for running the ball well and that can only happen when the offensive line can open holes.  Marshawn Lynch and Thomas Rawls have run well behind this unit and Russell Wilson’s mobility means no Detroit sacks.  Edge Seattle
  • Detroit Lions Linebackers vs. Seattle Seahawks Tight Ends –  Jimmy Graham got it going last week and I expect that to continue this week.  The only time the Lions defense has shut Graham down was when he was hurt and being used as a decoy last season.  Without DeAndre Levy and with an aging Stephen Tulloch, Graham has a field day.  Edge Seahawks
  • Detroit Lions Secondary vs. Seattle Seahawks Wide Receivers – Seattle’s receivers are not that great.  They are good enough to get the job done, but none of them match up to Tate’s ability.  After struggling to pick off a pair of passes that resulted in touchdowns last week, expect Darius Slay to play better.  Detroit’s secondary needed a passing offense like this one to get on track.  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Run Defense vs. Seattle Seahawks Running Backs –  This is the toughest match up for me to call.  If Thomas Rawls is the starter, Detroit will shut him down.  He ran well against the Bears but the Lions run defense is better.  If Marshawn Lynch is healthy, he will destroy Detroit much like Adrian Peterson did.  Lynch is 50 / 50 for this week.   Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Pass Defense vs. Seattle Seahawks Quarterbacks – The media talks Russell Wilson up due to the fact that he does not make many mistakes and has the ability to scramble.  The Lions pass defense is up to stopping Wilson this week provided the defense can contain his running ability.  that is the major wildcard here.  Historically, quarterbacks who could move around outside of the pocket gave Detroit fits.  I expect no different this week.  While the numbers may not be great, Wilson wins out here.  Edge Seahawks


  • Detroit Lions Special Teams vs. Seattle Seahawks Special Teams –  Tyler Lockett has Lions head coach Jim Caldwell’s attention.  Because of that, he has mine as well.  There have not been enough sparks from Detroit’s return teams to expect great things this week.  Lockett has proven himself so far for the Seahawks and that by itself gives them the win here.  Edge Seahawks


Lions 2  Seahawks 9

The numbers say Seattle wins easily.  While I tend to agree with that, it does not mean we should expect a blow out.  Detroit keeps the games close enough in losses to make it appear that they are close to turning the corner.  This week is not the week to turn that corner and get a win.  Seattle is virtually unbeatable at home and this game is in Seattle in prime time.  It is not the defensive match up we expected based on last season’s statistics but it still will be decided by the defenses.  Seattle forces more turnovers and gets the win.

Detroit 13 Seattle 24

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