2015 Week 10 Preview Detroit Lions Versus Green Bay Packers

Before the season started, many Lions fans and media members penciled this in as one of the few losses they expected Detroit would end up with.  Green Bay is tough to beat, especially in Green Bay.  Detroit has not won there since 1991 when now interim general manager Sheldon White played corner for the Lions.  This year though, the Lions are a hot mess.  Nothing is going right and they have already fired their top executives, offensive coaches, and essentially put everyone else on notice that at years end, all staff members performances will be reviewed and more firings could happen.  Is this the year the Lions break the streak in Green Bay?  I doubt it.


  • Detroit Lions Offensive Line vs. Green Bay Packers Defensive Line –  Do I even need to use research and statistics here or do we all realize that the offensive line is garbage this season?  Riley Reiff has played poorly.  LaAdrian Waddle is grading out as one of the worst offensive linemen in the league.  Both Larry Warford and Laken Tomlinson have been up and down.  Manny Ramirez, who seems to be their best offensive lineman, is riding the pine and center Travis Swanson does not seems to know who he is supposed to block half the time.  After the past two weeks of Stafford taking shots, I expect Green Bay to overpower Detroit.  Edge Packers
  • Detroit Lions Tight Ends vs. Green Bay Packers Linebackers – There is a slight chance Detroit has an edge here.  Eric Ebron has had a nice season so far and Brandon Pettigrew is healthy as well.  The Packers linebackers are more suited for run stuffing and pass rushing than they are for covering a receiving tight end or a running back out of the back field.  Detroit gets the edge here by a hair, but I just do not see enough time for Stafford to utilize this match up enough for it to be a game changer.  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Wide Receivers vs. Green Bay Packers Secondary –  The Packers secondary is a solid unit.  They have struggled lately with the deep ball which if Stafford can get some time is the Lions strong suit.  I do not expect that the Lions will execute well enough for this to be a solid edge for them, but they still do have Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate is a quality receiver and Lance Moore is capable.  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Running Backs vs. Green Bay Packers Run Defense –  The Lions cannot and will not run well.  Ameer Abdullah will get more carries and Joique Bell is finally back to full speed.  Still, this is not the type of rushing attack that scares anyone.  Edge Packers
  • Detroit Lions Quarterbacks vs. Green Bay Packers Pass Defense – This is a match up that I missed two weeks ago in London.  The Lions are very susceptible to the blitz.  The Chiefs were great at the blitz.  I should have expected the massacre that happened.  This week, I am planning ahead.  Peppers will be all over Stafford all game.  The Packers will brutalize the Lions offensive line and because of that, Stafford can not and will not pick the Packers apart.   Edge Packers


  • Detroit Lions Defensive Line vs. Green Bay Packers Offensive Line –  The Packers offensive line has played bad all year.  They were part of the reason for the last two losses.  The Lions defensive line, with the exception of Ezekiel Ansah, are not very good this year.  I expect Ziggy to get some pressure, and maybe another lineman or two, but this is likely a draw.  Edge None
  • Detroit Lions Linebackers vs. Green Bay Packers Tight Ends – The Lions linebackers are a mess.  Once considered the team’s deepest position, they are now part of the problem.  Tahir Whitehead is better suited for the inside spot but is starting outside.  Travis Lewis is a special teams player at best, but keeps getting reps.  Josh Bynes has been solid, but he is no DeAndre Levy and that hurts.  With Stephen Tulloch finally showing some life, but still looking old, this is a rough unit.  Luckily, the Packers tight ends are not very good.  This makes for a better match up, although I expect the run game to soar.  Edge None
  • Detroit Lions Secondary vs. Green Bay Packers Wide Receivers –  Randall Cobb and Davante Adams are good enough by themselves to torch this Lions secondary.  Add in James Jones and the Lions are in trouble.  The smart move would be to stick Darius Slay on Cobb all game since Rashean Mathis is out.  Nevin Lawson, who is expected to play Mathis’ spot, is just not good enough to cover a quality receiver like Jones or Adams.  Edge Packers
  • Detroit Lions Run Defense vs. Green Bay Packers Running Backs –  The Lions cannot stop the run.  They have tried and they have failed.  Eddie Lacy is questionable, but it does not matter.  The Packers were getting more production from James Starks anyway and were expecting to start Starks.  The Lions will try to contain him, but at home, Starks will pile up the yards.  Edge Packers
  • Detroit Lions Pass Defense vs. Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks –  Aaron Rodgers is a top tier NFL quarterback.  He is excellent against the rush, and the Lions are not at the level of a Denver in that category.  I expect Rodgers to have enough time and to shred the Lions for 400 yards.  Edge Packers


  • Detroit Lions Special Teams vs. Green Bay Packers Special Teams – Micah Hyde will likely handle the duties here as Ty Montgomery is doubtful this week.  The Lions do not really have a return man.  They will either start Abdullah or TJ Jones and neither will impress.  Tate may get a shot in the fourth if the game is close, but only on punt returns which the Lions have not protected well on.  Edge None


Lions 2  Packers 6

Green Bay is coming off back to back losses and they are likely very frustrated about those losses.  Both teams they lost to were undefeated when they lost to them so it is not like they were bad teams.  Detroit is a bad team with nothing really to play for.  They are out of the playoff hunt, their general manager and president are gone, their offensive coordinator and offensive line coach are both interim coaches, and no one knows who the next general manager will want to keep and cut.  With all of this, and the fact that the Lions have not wont in Green Bay since 1991, I expect a loss.  The numbers predict a big loss.  Even though I expect it to be unreasonably close, the Lions lose.

Detroit 9 Green Bay 42

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