2015 Detroit Lions Week Two Review

With week two of the 2015 season in the books for the Detroit Lions, we are left to wonder what has happened to this team.  Detroit had a major collapse against the Chargers in week one, but at least they looked good in the first half.  In their game against the Vikings this week, they looked terrible.  The Vikings guaranteed victory this week and backed it up with a 26-16 beat down of the Lions that really was not as close as the score indicates.

The Vikings jumped out to an early lead on their first drive of the game with a touchdown pass to Kyle Rudolph.  The Lions failed to get anything going all throughout the first quarter, and then promptly allowed Adrian Peterson to get going.  Peterson ran wild all game becoming the first 100 yard rusher against Detroit in quite some time.  Last year’s heralded run defense was shown to be weak without Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley back there.  The Vikings opened the second quarter with a Teddy Bridgewater touchdown run on the goal line to extend their lead to 14-0.  Detroit answered with a drive of their own only to settle for a Matt Prater field goal.  That did not scare the Vikings, who immediately drove the field and kicked a field goal of their own.  With the half winding down and in a 17-3 hole, Matthew Stafford drove the field again, this time hitting Calvin Johnson on the sidelines for a sweet touchdown.  The teams went into the half with a 17-10 score.

The Lions proved how bad they really were in the second half.  They had their first three drives start with a fumble, a punt,  a fumble, and an interception.  Minnesota on the other hand managed to score a touchdown, miss the extra point, and kick a field goal in the same time frame.  With the game on the line, needing two scores and two two point conversions just to tie, the Lions managed to drain the clock on themselves with one of their longest drives of the game.  They did end up scoring on an Eric Ebron touchdown, but they missed the two point conversion, handing off to Joique Bell for no gain.  They proceeded to miss the onside kick, effectively ending the game.

With Detroit at 0-2, facing Denver, Seattle, and Arizona in the next three games, Lions fans have reason to be worried.  The team has shown no reason to believe they will beat any of those three teams.  The offense and defense are both near the bottom of the NFL and they do not seem to have any answers on how to fix either unit.  Add to that the fact that Stafford has taken a beating and, while he may play this week, will not last the season at this rate.

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