2014 Week Four Preview Detroit Lions Versus New York Jets

This game will be decided on turnovers alone.  Geno Smith has hurt his team with interceptions and fumbles.  If the top ranked Lions defense continues its rein of terror, the Jets offense has no chance.  If the Detroit Lions offense does not commit turnovers, and if Matthew Stafford shows up sharp, this game could get ugly.  Lets not forget though that the Jets defense is not one to be taken lightly.



  • Detroit Lions Offensive Line vs. New York Jets Defensive Line –  The Jets have a solid defensive line.  The Lions are still shaky on the offensive line, especially at right tackle.  They need to solidify that spot to protect Matthew Stafford.  LaAdrian Waddle has practiced a little this week, but it is unknown if he will be ready.  Edge Jets
  • Detroit Lions Tight Ends vs. New York Jets LinebackersJoseph Fauria hurt himself walking around in his house.  That means unproductive tight end Eric Ebron will assume his position.  While he was a first round pick and should still make this advantage Detroit, losing Fauria’s big body in the red zone hurts.  The Jets have some solid linebackers and have played well defensively all season so far.  Edge Jets
  • Detroit Lions Wide Receivers vs. New York Jets Secondary –  Dee Milliner is likely out for the Jets.  Also, Calvin Johnson is banged up, but he was all of last season too.  Ask Dallas how productive Johnson can be while banged up.  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Running Backs vs. New York Jets Run Defense – The Jets are first in run defense in the NFL.  Detroit has yet to run the ball well.   Edge Jets
  • Detroit Lions Quarterbacks vs. New York Jets Pass Defense –  The Jets pass defense has been poor this year.  While they rate in the middle of the pack for yardage, they have allowed 7 touchdown and 0 interceptions.  The Lions have been shaky lately, but if Monday night Stafford comes out, its easily a run away score.   Edge Lions



  • Detroit Lions Defensive Line vs. New York Jets Offensive Line –  There has been talk from the Jets offensive line.  That is never good.  The Lions defensive line made a statement last week and have been great all year.   Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Linebackers vs. New York Jets Tight Ends –  Tulloch is out after tearing his ACL.  Levy is awesome though, especially in coverage.  With Whitehead taking over the middle, this is no where near the strength it was.  The Jets’ tight ends are average but Jeff Cumberland is being game planned for which means he is a threat to coach Jim Caldwell. Its close but still.  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Secondary vs. New York Jets Wide Receivers – I want so bad for this to be a weakness again.  I stress enough though how well this unit has played this year.  If they can shut down Jordy Nelson and the Pack, they can shut down Eric Decker.  Add in the return of James Ihedigbo and its  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Run Defense vs. New York Jets Running Backs –  Chris Ivory and Chris Johnson have done good things this season so far, but the story is the #2 ranked lions run defense.   Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Pass Defense vs. New York Jets Quarterbacks –  I do not know how much Ihedigbo’s return helps or hurts this unit, but I do know that Isa Abdul-Quddus is healthy still and has played well in Ihedigbo’s absense.  so much so that I would almost rather him continue starting.  Add to that the sloppy play of Geno Smith.   Edge Lions



  • Detroit Lions Return Team vs. New York Jets Cover Team –  Jeremy Ross has not been as good as he usually is, but he is always dangerous.  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Cover Team vs. New York Jets Return Team –  The Jets have a good kickoff return man.  If Sam Martin keeps it out of his hands, the Jets are helpless in the return.  The punt return of the Jets has been invisible.  Edge Lions



Lions 9 Jets 3

This game has a chance to go in so many directions.  I look at the fact that Aaron Rodgers put up 3oo+ and Jay Cutler put up 200+ and I have a hard time believing Detroit will not play into that with Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate and Eric Ebron.  The surprise catch by Corey Fuller could add to things if he shows up as a deep threat option against the Jets.  I do not see this being a huge win but I do see it being a win.

Detroit Lions 27 New York Jets 7

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