2014 Detroit Lions Regular Season Week One Preview

During the NFL season, we will do a feature where we review some of the game changing match-ups and look at who should win the game based on who should win more of the match-ups.  These will change as the season progresses and we see how players settle into their new roles on the team.  The first few weeks, especially with a new offense and defense, are really based on what players did last season and hype about what they should do this season.  With that being said, lets take a look at the Detroit Lions and how they match up against the New York Giants who they face on Monday night.



  • Detroit Lions Offensive Line vs. New York Giants Defensive Line – The Detroit Lions had a very strong offensive line last season.  They allowed very few sacks and allowed the running game to get going.  Last season the Lions started 2 rookies on the right side of the line.  This year, the same starters are back on the offensive line.  The rookies have a year of experience under their belts and should be ready to play.  That being said, the Giants have a strong pass rush.  The tackles need to slow that pass rush if they want to have success.  Its close, but Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Tight Ends vs. New York Giants Linebackers – The Lions have a strong group of tight ends this season.  Rookie Eric Ebron figures to make an impact, while Pettigrew and Fauria expect to keep producing.  I expect this to be a tough match up for the Giants linebackers.  While Pettigrew likely wont make a big impact, Fauria and Ebron will.  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Wide Receivers vs. New York Giants Secondary – This is the toughest one for me to call.  The Detroit Lions are pretty deep at receiver this season which is evident by last season’s number 3 now sitting at number 5.  Tate figures to be an upgrade over Burleson but facing off against a strong secondary, it is likely that he will be held in check.  Calvin Johnson is Calvin Johnson.  He wont be stopped.  I want to call this a draw given that Johnson’s ability cant be defended, but if the Giants can eliminate every other receiver on the field, things could get difficult for Johnson.  Edge Even
  • Detroit Lions Running Backs vs. New York Giants Run Defense – Detroit’s run game should be able to beat the Giants defense often enough to keep them honest in the passing game.  The Giants are built to defend the pass.  The Lions should be able to net 150 total in rush yards, possibly more.  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Quarterbacks vs. New York Giants Pass Defense – Stafford always starts the season strong.  He has a tough test going against the Giants secondary.  He also has Calvin Johnson.  And Johnson heard about Giants corner Walter Thurmond’s comments.  Expect Johnson to have a good game.  The rest of the passing offense is up in the air.  Given the depth they have at corner and the talent they have at safety,  Edge Giants



  • Detroit Lions Defensive Line vs. New York Giants Offensive Line – Detroit’s defensive line got better this year.  They have crazy depth at defensive end and Fairley, last season’s starter is pretty equal to CJ Mosely so far this season.  The Giants had a weak offensive line last season and retooled it this season.  The problem is, starting a rookie across from Ndamukong Suh is a terrible idea.  Just ask Chicago  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Linebackers vs. New York Giants Tight Ends – The Giants are not particularly strong at tight end.  The Lions have the same linebacking corps as last year but Tahir Whitehead is starting over Ashlee Palmer due to outplaying him.  With Levy roaming back there, Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Secondary vs. New York Giants Wide Receivers – The Lions have a poor secondary.  Slay figures to be better in his second year, but he’s going against the likes of Victor Cruz.  Thats a tough challenge.  Rashean Mathis is a year older and visibly slower.  The safeties are no better than last year, possibly worse depending on the health of James IhedigboEdge Giants
  • Detroit Lions Run Defense vs. New York Giants Running Backs – The Giants added Rashad Jennings and have raved about him so far this year.  They also have rookie Andre Williams back there.  I would love to say the Giants have this one, but last season the Detroit run defense was stout except for the snow bowl game.  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Pass Defense vs. New York Giants Quarterbacks – Eli Manning may not be his brother, but he is still a very good quarterback.  He has won Super Bowls in New York.  The Lions have a weak pass defense.  Edge Giants



  • Detroit Lions Return Team vs. New York Giants Cover TeamJeremy Ross proved his worth last season.  This season, he has already shown glimpses of the same in preseason.  Edge Lions
  • Detroit Lions Cover Team vs. New York Giants Return Team – This game could be a field position game.  Given that, I dont see any reason to believe that the Lions will be pinning the Giants back consistently.  Edge Giants



Lions 7 Giants 4

If the Detroit Lions can get their receivers open and take pressure off Johnson to dominate, this game belongs to Detroit.  Unfortunately it will come down to Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Secondary versus The Giants Secondary and Eli Manning.  I still give the this one to the Lions in a close game because its home and Monday night.  Detroit 38 New York 31

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